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UST Microcinema Contest – Get Your Entry In!


University System of Taiwan invites students to take part in the microcinema contest which began on April 29. This contest is designed to help raise awareness of UST as well as to encourage and inspire innovation among participants and those who like making movies. All students on campus, including international exchange students and new immigrants, are welcome to join in this activity.

第一名 Swing NCU 搖擺中央
  • 第二名 戀戀台聯大MV

  • 第三名 跌倒男孩

  • 最佳主題與創意獎 前人種的樹並不是我想要..

  • 最佳劇情獎 你在忙碌什麼─縮時@YM

  • 最佳技巧獎 Me Want迷惘

  • 最佳技巧獎 iWonder4


 Second Annual "Wonder 4" Four-campus Event

March 16, 2013 (Saturday) 12:30 to 18:30


Tsinghua University Auditorium, Gymnasium and Athletic Field

Students and staff of National Central University, National Chiao Tung University, National Tsinghua University and National Yang Ming University, the University System of Taiwan (UST) gathered on March 16 at Tsinghua University campus for the second annual "Wonder 4" Four-campus event. In addition to sports competitions and fun activities, we also invited singer/songwriter Chang Hsuan, Chen Shih-an, BII, Hsu Chia-ying and style icon Sasa for a rocking youth concert that got everybody 'up' for the afternoon. "Wonder 4" started off with an opening ceremony at National Tsinghua University Auditorium, creating a "community of life" atmosphere. Representatives from the four universities jointly rolled three balls with the letters U-S-T to kick off the festivities. The opening ceremony also featured four students demonstrating their enthusiasm for UST with wild dancing. These activities were designed to show everybody our one-school spirit, with interaction and communication between students to show Taiwan the wonderful energy that is UST! Ovid Tzeng, president of UST, told the crowd that UST is Taiwan's first alliance of university systems and was formed as part of the Top University Plan "of the Ministry of Education. These four schools all share a common pursuit of excellence, allowing students to take cross-campus courses with mutual recognition of credits, and use the libraries and books of all four facilities. This flow of information and exchanges of school bus lines has gone on for several years now, and this year (2013) will mark the official opening of the inter-campus transfer system, allowing students to enjoy the rich resources afforded by "1 +1 +1 +1 → ∞". In student activities, UST in the past are often inter-institution organized a charity concert of the Choir, Orchestra performances, tour of the orchestra, piano music, dance performances, rock climbing competition, international volunteers, elite cadre training camp, group UST joint orchestras abroad performances socials, to promote the exchange of students in four schools. The "Wonder 4" wonderful station UST four-school recreational activities for the second annual event was a major undertaking that all competition team, are mixed by school students, with general one school team race are very different. The purpose is to hope that by the rich and diverse activities, the real integration of students from the four schools, shaping the identity of one of the four schools to meld the four universities into a truly Wonderful World! After the opening ceremony, sports competitions and fun competitions and other activities subsequently began. Basketball, football and other fun activities, so that participating students to produce feelings of mutual trust, experience the importance of unity and cooperation of the four schools, closing the students away from each other. The concert invited heavyweight Card Division concerts, including Chang Hsuan Chen Shih-an, BII and Hsu Chia-ying, that I know what you mean as well as the style icon Sha-sha participated in the moving climax to the day's activities.

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