Exchange student information/交換學生資訊

擴展師生國際視野 推動國際服務學習

The four schools that make up the University System of Taiwan (UST) are actively engaged in the promotion of a range of international exchanges as well as the development of an international platform including study abroad programs. Under the aegis of UST the four universities participate on an equal basis in developing high-quality courses, planning study abroad programs, and working to increase opportunities for student exchanges. Promoting international educational services helps to increase the depth and breadth of studies and enables students to upgrade their learning effectiveness from purely theoretical knowledge to the development of a holistic lifestyle. International volunteer service teams from UST travel with student volunteers to distant areas to work, and the existing international volunteer service posts at each school are open to students from the other three schools. In addition, there are also interactive service training classes and jointly-organized international volunteer training camps and learning outcome exhibitions as well as other related activities.


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