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Taiwan Code of Conduct for Research Integrity(2020)



【Taiwan Code of Conduct for Research Integrity】

Academic research must be based on integrity. To perpetuate the trustworthiness of research, the field of research integrity has become recognized by the global academic community as establishing universal norms and specific practices that those engaging in research of all disciplines should understand and follow.

The Taiwan Code of Conduct for Research Integrity provides researchers and research institutions with guidelines to be followed when conducting and supporting research. To serve as a reference for the enhancement of research integrity in Taiwan’s academic context, the Code proposes five principles related to the implementation of research integrity. The Code also offers definitions and guidelines for responsible research conduct, research misconduct, and responsibilities that researchers and research institutions should bear.

Users can download and print the contents of this Code for personal or educational non-commercial use. Please indicate the source when citing or reproducing the content of this Code.


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