Integration of library resources/圖書資源整合

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Integration of the four UST school library collections on one interface allows direct access to information and searches as well as borrowing from the collections in each of the system’s four schools.

Integration of library resources

The four school libraries cooperated to jointly develop and integrate their resources and allow sharing of resources so that teachers and students can register through a "One School, Four Collections” system and enjoy the services of all four libraries – another move toward academic excellence for UST. The four-school library infrastructure focuses on "academic excellence" as its strategic direction, integrating system resources and services through the same technical specifications, and enabling personnel items to take advantage of division of labor and sharing of resources using a common base platform and standards. The four schools will utilize these features and advantages to further deepen the integration of resources and services and form a complete shared system that will highlight the schools’ academic achievements through enhanced visibility and awareness, thus enhancing the academic influence of each school in the system.

Shared library resources:

The total collection of the libraries at the four schools is 5.63 million books as well as 180,000 periodicals and a total of 100 databases. The four libraries all offer lending services for students, and during the school year a bus runs between campuses transporting teachers and students from library to library and returning books to their original collection. During the winter and summer breaks the bus does not run and a rented vehicles is used to provide transportation. In 2011 the amount of inter-library borrowed books reached 36,941 volumes.

Co-operative development of collections:

Each of the four school libraries has its own focus in developing its collection. For example, the library at National Central University focuses on the environment and energy, learning sciences, technology, science and engineering, state-of-the-art information systems and electronics; National Chiao Tung University focuses on the humanities, science and engineering, electrical engineering, computers and biotechnology; National Tsing Hua University focuses on science and engineering, life sciences, technology, humanities and engineering; Yang-ming University focuses on biomedical and health sciences and medical humanities. Even as the four libraries share their resources through inter-library borrowing, they continue to add to their collections. From 2006 to 2009, for example, the four universities coordinated their book-buying efforts to strengthen their collective humanities and sociology collections with the purchase 126,740 volumes in these fields.

Joint procurement of library resources:

Since 2004, joint procurement of collections and sharing of electronic resources has enabled the libraries at the four schools to reduce duplication and add substantial bargaining leverage that means anywhere from 5% to 9.5% discounts from publishers. In 2011 the libraries subscribed to one set of 500 Wiley-Blackwell electronic journals which can be accessed at all four schools at no additional cost.

Creating a UST collection of digitized dissertations:

The libraries have jointly established a collection of essays and papers by students from the four schools for reference by other students. Since June 2004 when the system was implemented more than 45,000 theses and dissertations have been collected and digitized, of which about 29,000 are available to the public.

Multimedia on demand system:

The four schools have integrated their digitized and audio-visual media collections to provide a multimedia on demand system which incorporates audio, video, CD-ROM and other various types of media and information. Joint purchasing of digitized collections of audio-visual media mean that teachers and students at all four universities can make effective use of audio-visual materials as tools in teaching and research.

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