Integration of network resources/網路資源整合

1.Integration of network resources

The Internet is a tool that can be used to accumulate knowledge and to disseminate information. Digitization is a trend of the times, and a fast and stable network data transmission environment is the basis for digital teaching, improved information systems and information technology support that help a university to develop and remain competitive. In the past UST has made many significant breakthroughs in upgrading the four-campus backbone network, building a VoIP system, developing a common digital teaching platform, implementing inter-school teaching and acquiring MCU video conferencing equipment. Hopefully further integration of a solid foundation of information and network for the four universities will help to enhance development throughout UST and promote international cooperation and exchanges with well-known schools in other areas. UST stands ready to cooperate in many areas including digital learning, information security protection and management mechanism construction, school information systems and the development of high-speed network storage equipment.

2.The results

(1) Worked together to upgrade the four-school campus network backbone bandwidth to 10Gbps, with a two-wire STM-1 international bandwidth of 310 Mbps.
(2) Built a multi-point video conferencing control system, improved the quality of the network teaching platform, and assisted in developing distance learning teaching materials while providing teaching support, with a total of 5,018 courses currently available via Blackboard.
(3) Created electronic documents and forms, to promote digitization of administrative duties.
(4) Established a network phone system to effectively use the Internet and save on long-distance phone charges.
(5) Set up a firewall with intrusion detection systems, to strengthen network security at the four schools.
(6) Built a campus wireless network to promote wireless applications.

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