System Office/系統辦公室

System Chancellor: Professor Ovid Tzeng

Current position
University System of Taiwan System Chancellor (2012/05/15)
Adjunct Professor, National Yang-Ming University
Member of Academia Sinica (1994)
Educational background
Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Master of Educational Psychology, National Chengchi University
Bachelor’s Degree in Education, National Chengchi University, Department of Education
Central Research Institute
Minister of Education
National Yang-Ming University, President, Vice president, Director of the Center for General Education
Dean of Social Sciences, National Chung Cheng University, Director of the Center of Cognitive Science, Institute of Psychology
Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology of the University of California, Riverside, Associate professor, Professor
The Salk Institutes for Biological Sciences, Visiting Research Scientist
American Hosking Laboratory Visiting Fellow
Visiting Associate Professor of the Department of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley
Fields of research
Cognitive psychology, neuro-linguistics, memory, reading processes and attentiveness
System President's Office

System President's Office
Name Secretary Telephone Email

Ovid Tzeng system principal

Miss Tseng Hsiao-yun

02-28267399 02-28267000#2500 (Chancellor) Hsiao-yun)

fax: 02-28200565

Address: 11221 Beitou District, Taipei Shipai Linong Street Section 2, No. 155

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